Ongoing Programs & Upcoming Events

Campaign College 2023

As we get closer to elections or hear rumblings of an election being called, EVNL springs into action to help women and gender diverse individuals feel prepared and confident to put their name on the ballot.

Make Your Mark TV

Make Your Mark is aimed at increasing numbers of citizens who run in their respective elections, as well as increase local voter turnout.

Through video interviews with councillors, mayors and community leaders from across the province, Make Your Mark provides real world insight into what it means to be a member of public office, and why it’s so important to get involved.

Planting Seeds

EVNL advocates for the provincial government to provide permanent residents and International students the right to vote provincially and municipally without having to obtain full citizenship status.

Meanwhile, we introduce New Canadians to our local governance and political systems, while building their relationships with local politicians.

Past Programming & Events

IWD Celebration

International Women’s Day is March 8th – How do you plan to celebrate?

We created a toolkit with ideas, best practices and advice on how to make IWD a success in your community!

Future of the Vote 2022

Previously known as Daughters of the Vote, once a year, we fill the NL House of Assembly with young women and gender diverse individuals to get the experience of a day in political office.

The Importance of Women in Trades Leadership

A Breakout Session at the 2022 Supporting Women in Trades Conference hosted by EVNL’s Erica Strong, our panel of five trades-related change makers discuss why we need more women in trades, more women in politics, and more trades women in politics.

Cheers to 25 Years Gala

2021-22: 100 years of women in Canadian politics. Elections at all levels of government. And MP Yvonne Jones’ 25th year in provincial and federal politics- NL’s longest sitting provincial and federal Minister.

Thank you MP Yvonne Jones for choosing to use your cause of celebration to support EVNL in supporting the women leaders of tomorrow with this multi-partisan event.

Feminist Activism in NL

Where we’re at, where we’re to

Brought to you by Equal Voice NL and the MUN Gender & Politics Lab, prominent feminist activists in the province reflect on the past, the present, and the future of feminism, leadership, and power in Newfoundland and Labrador. What are the challenges that still exist today? What are the hard-fought successes? What can we do to make this place better and to make politics work better?

Campaign College 2021

Campaign College 2021, funded by the Provincial Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, equipped women and gender diverse folks to become more politically involved at all levels.

Feminist Forum 4

Count Differently. Design Differently. Lead Differently.

Ten NL changemakers and two International guests speak about COVID-19’s impact on various intersections of feminism, noting the policy changes and programming required to ensure we leave COVID-19 more equitably than we came into it.

Focus areas include women and gender diverse individuals in sex work, the BIPOC community, with disabilities, fertility struggles, are youth, survivors of violence, amongst other topics.

Diversifying Democracy

Hosted by Hasan Hai, Giselle General, Patricia Johnson-Castle and Dr. Mansoor Pirzada discuss their experiences engaging with and running for different levels of government, why New Canadian, racialized, and Indigenous political representation is important, what it means to be a leader, and the systemic/ perceived barriers that still need to be eradicated.

Congratulations to Team RBGeniuses and Team Waffle on a glorious win!