Hilary Edmunds 


Hilary Edmunds is an Indigenous woman and mother originally from Postville, Nunatsiavut Labrador. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and has just completed her Social Work degree.

Her lived experience and volunteer background has informed her strategic, grassroots approach in providing services to marginalized individuals. 

She is conscientious about the significant impacts self-advocacy and confidence building can have in overall success, and works to strengthen relationships and build strong support systems that elevate individuals and communities. Hilary’s passion for social justice and human rights movements is only matched by her dedication to eliminating barriers and providing opportunities for clients to grow and thrive. 

Hilary is now a part of First Light as a Training Facilitator. Hilary enjoys educating and empowering organizations to help them grow to their fullest potential. She believes that with greater diversity comes greater success for all.