Feminist Forum Highlights

A collage of all 12 panelists

Intro & Feminist Watershed Moments

Dr. Nicola Ngawati discusses Indigenous forms of coping during COVID-19 in New Zealand

Chunyan Zhu discusses what the Chinese community of Newfoundland and Labrador did to get through the pandemic, as it started during Chinese New Year.

Ledon Wellon talks about how people with fertility struggles had exasperated struggles in receiving treatment and support with the onset of COVID-19.

Kate Cadigan details the mental health issues and vulnerability youth face in the wake of the pandemic.

Ophelia Ravencroft talks about the ways in which sex workers are more at-risk due to COVID-19 and government benefits policies.

Sandra McKellar speaks to the struggles survivors of violence face with limited resources and lock downs during the pandemic.

Panel 1 Sharing Circle: The first 5 speakers discuss their policy and programming recommendations, based on their presentation.

Dr. Supriya Garakipati completed the Liverpool University Global Leaders Study: Impact of Women Leaders on COVID-19, breaking down the decisions of women leaders versus men leaders at the beginning of the pandemic.

Dr. Deatra Walsh discusses the ways in which women municipal politicians are at an adverse disadvantage both in general, but also exasperated by COVID-19.

Dr. Vianne Timmons O.C. reminisces on her experience becoming the President of a University at the beginning of the pandemic, and how to help students in time of need.

Kathy Hawkins mentions the ways in which we need to improve living situations for women and gender diverse individuals who have disabilities, during the pandemic.

Dr. Sobia Shaikh discusses the crises of trust and feminist racial justice in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Jude Benoit, a Mik’maq of the Kitpu clan discusses mutual aid initiatives amongst Indigenous and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, as well as the need for Universal Basic Income and defunding the police.

Panel 2 Sharing Circle: The last 5 speakers discuss their policy and programming recommendations, based on their presentation.