Emily Wadden


Emily (she/her) is a mixed-race woman, born in Mississauga, Ontario — she lived in Ontario until 2009, when her family moved East to NL. 

Emily has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her major is Law and Society and a minor in Psychology. Through her education, she has found a passion for Law, Politics, Women and Gender Equality, and many more related areas. 

In Emily’s spare time, she finds herself coaching scholastic cheerleading. After growing up in the sport of cheerleading, she is able to apply her knowledge and expertise in her coaching work. Making an impact by being a role-model; and creating a safe space for her impressionable athletes to grow as young individuals — is something Emily enjoys about coaching. 

Emily is also a young mom. She strives to create an environment for her little girl to be inspired and grow! 

In October 2022, Emily was chosen to be a delegate of Equal Voice NL. In her experience at Equal Voice, she formed professional connections, advocated for NL Taxpayers, deepened her understanding of Legislation and Politics, and got inspired to further her passion!