In 2021, Newfoundland and Labrador experienced municipal, provincial, federal and indigenous elections. In all cases, the percentage of women running and elected increased.

We need more women and gender diverse folks at all levels of government. Individuals with disabilities. Black folks. Those who were not born in Canada. People of colour. Members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Indigenous People. Those who grew up under in precarious circumstances. We need your voices at the decision making tables.

When there is more diversity at the decision making tables, policies become more well-rounded and programs become more equitable.

We welcome you to Campaign College 2023. #CC23 is designed to equip women and gender diverse folks with the skills, knowledge and resources needed to run for political office.

  • Every Tuesday evening, 7pm-9pm NST from May 9 to June 27 2023

  • 8 sessions total. All held on Zoom.

  • Program Cost: $99 (tax included). Bursaries are available.

  • 40 seats available.

  • This program is specifically for women and gender diverse folks. All ages and levels of political knowledge/interest/experience.

  • EVNL will accommodate any and all accessibility needs.

  • Sessions will not be recorded to ensure we have a safe and brave space for everyone to share their thoughts.

  • This program is multi-partisan and is not limited to one particular level/type of government.

  • Each participant gets a swag bag and digital copy of our Campaign College workbook. The workbook modules align with each session, containing information to reflect on and an activity which is to be completed before each session (~15-20 minutes tops per module). This will give everyone the same baseline information to work from whenever we meet.

  • Meet likeminded individuals who are interested in politics, community and elections – just like you!

  • Connect and interact with dozens of women and gender diverse leaders who have already been on the campaign trail.

  • This program is not just for those looking to run for office! It is also great for those who are interested in being more politically involved, or individuals who want to help somebody else’s campaign.
  • Know Your Story: Exploring your “why”, building your backstory, and defining your persona

  • Pick Your Podium: Where do you want to make your impact?

  • Getting Prepared: Hear from experts on what you need to do behind the scenes to get ready for a life in the public eye.

  • Raising Your Profile: Learn strategies on how to build your network, canvassing, and build your social media following.

  • Media Confidence: Preparing and responding to media interviews using helpful guidelines.

  • Facing the Challenge: Chat with experienced politicians, advocates, and leaders about some of challenges you may face on your journey.

  • Assembling Your Team: Learn about the different campaign team roles, personality traits/skills to look for, and tips on how to recruit and manage volunteers and staff.

  • Fundraising: How much will you need, where will you get it, and what are the rules?

Seats tend to go fast. Want to ensure you get on the list?

Feel free to email us in advance of registration at and we will send you the registration link as soon as it opens.