A screen capture of 25 out of 50 people involved in 2021 Campaign College

As we come upon scheduled election dates or hear rumblings of an election about to be called, EVNL springs into action to ensure women and gender diverse individuals are aware of the different aspects of campaign life, as well as feel confident and supported as they put their name one the ballot!

2021 EVNL Campaign College

Hosted by:
Courtney Clarke, Debbie Putt-Wiseman, Gillian Pearson & Karla Hayward

The most recent EVNL Campaign College was an eight session program that took place twice a week for four consecutive weeks between May and June of 2021.

With 26 women and gender diverse participants and more than 30 guest speakers, endless resources, and confidence/skills-building activities, the following topics were covered:

  • Know Your Story: Exploring Your Why, Building Your Backstory, and Defining Your Persona

  • Building Blocks: Strategies for Getting Involved In Your Community

  • Getting Prepared: Hear from experts on what you need to do behind the scenes to get ready for a life in the public eye.

  • Raising Your Profile: Social Media: Learn strategies on how to build your network, canvassing, and build your social media following.

  • Media Confidence: Preparing and responding to media interviews using helpful guidelines.

  • Facing the Challenge: Chat with experienced politicians, advocates, and leaders about some of the challenges you may face on your journey.

  • Assembling Your Team: Learn about the different campaign team roles, personality traits/skills to look for, and tips on how to recruit and manage volunteers and staff.

  • Fundraising: How much will you need, where will you get it, and what are the rules?

A Special Thank You to our
Guest Speakers& Supporters

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