Supporting women & gender diverse candidates at all levels of political office in NL.

Our Vision

Gender parity in politics.

Our Principles

  • We are multi-partisan and work with all political parties/bands to nominate and elect more women and gender diverse individuals.

  • We are committed to equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility, taking an intersectional lens in all our work.

  • We are a provincial chapter of a non-profit, funded through individual donations, partnerships, and grants. We are a non-profit organization, but our chapter is not a registered charity.

Our Strategic Goals

2020 – 2024

  • Equipping women and gender diverse individuals in NL to succeed in politics through our programming, networking, skills-building and mentorship opportunities. 

  • Retaining women and gender diverse individuals in politics by advocating for inclusion and gender parity, campaigning for safe working conditions for women and gender diverse politicians, and working with political parties/bands to increase women and gender diverse participation. 

  • Advocating for representation by providing information and analysis on gender representation, working with community organizations, holding events, and working to combat harassment and abuse of women and gender diverse politicians. 

  • Building organizational capacity in our communities.

Feminist Intersections of Interest

  • Becoming more involved in rural, remote or Northern communities, especially in Labrador.

  • Supporting Indigenous women, girls, and Two-Spirit individuals to become more engaged in party politics and/or Indigenous band leadership.

  • Advocating for New Canadians to have the right to vote without having to go through the full Citizenship status process.

  • Creating more accessible elections practices so individuals with disabilities can fully participate in political leadership.

  • Inspiring youth women and gender diverse individuals to take an early interest in politics and leadership.

  • Removing financial barriers so younger and lower income-earning individuals have the opportunity to run for office.

  • Supporting more accessible elections practices so women and gender diverse individuals with dependents are still able to fully participate in political leadership.

  • Encouraging active male allyship.

  • Creating safe spaces to discuss and advocate for better public policy to support vulnerable populations that are women and gender diverse dominated, such as sex workers, single parent, survivors of violence, essential work positions in the pandemic, and more.

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